Management for security in hospitality industry

China :

IH-RA congress in Hangzhou

in Hangzhou on december 2017: securization in hospitaliy industry

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Other interventions :

Interlaken 2014


We worked with the Congress of the international association of the hoteliers and restaurateurs which took place on March 2014 in Interlaken, Switzerland. 

Frederico Sommaruga Director special projects Switzerland tourisme.


IHRA and UNTWO signed an agreement of strategic partenership in-between (Casimir Platzer and Taleb Rifal (secretary general UNTWO)


Louis Labbez avec le président de l'association des hôtelliers brésiliens.

panel "Changing frameworks for sustainability"

Prof. Geoffrey Lipman, Sandra Carvao (UNWTO), prof. Harold Goodwin (Manchester Metropolitan University), Fran Hughes (International Tourism Partnership), Giulia Carbone (IUCN)

panel : "Practical application - What are the hotels doing and what should they be doing"

Valere Tjolle, Franck Trouet (SYNHORCAT), Paulina Godfrey (Hilton), Dr. Rebecca Hawkins (RHP), Helena Egan (Destination management, Tripadvisor)

Prof. Eduardo Fyos-Solà (Ulysse Foundation) intelligence futures in the hospitality industry                        

 Prof. Roland Schegg (Institut of tourism, HES-SO Valais): trends in hotel distribution


Félix Steinebrunner (wordlsites internet marketing), prof. Ian Milar (EHL), Douglas Rice (HTNG), Helena Egan (Tripadvisor) : online distribution, dialogue and new developments

Bruno OMORI (ABIH SP), Casimir Platzer (IHRA), Jordi Busquets (FEHGRA), Kent Nyström (Hotrec), Han Ming (CHA)

Kathmandu 2011

Louis Labbez speaking about security during the congress.

  • Please find in the following album some pictures taken during the meeting with IHRA in Kathmandu.


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