Management for security in hospitality industry

Louis Labbez, main consultant partner :

Social management and security management

Graduate in law and social management, Louis Labbez had a career in the private sector with passages in the public sector. He is auditor of the National Institute of advanced studies of safety and Justice (INHESJ, Institut National des Hautes Etudes de Sécurité et de Justice) in Paris.

He gained the expertise of social management and organizations in the private sector.

 Louis Labbez has made his career in the agency responsible for social relations in the French steel industry, and then led the professional organization of an important branch of trade in France. He is a consultant partner in the consulting firm Des Entreprises et Des Hommes, and HRD of an SME timeshare.
He served terms of professional representation in national or international negotiations.

His duties led him to concern itself with the Organization and the functioning of many trade shows and events B to Be or Be to C, in particular questions of safety of personalities or crowds.

Its activities in the public sector full knowledge of the functioning of organizations :

- As the fusiliers commando's air reserve captain, he commanded a squadron of Protection of a strategic air base. As such he received the Medal of the voluntary military service;

- It known the administration at the highest level in 1988 as technical adviser to an advisor of the Prime Minister;

- And participated in territorial administration in 1997 as Director of the office of the Mayor of Cannes.

Familiar with international relationships

- Louis Labbez has conducted international negotiations, representing economical or political interests (bilateral, EU, USA).

A manager for your complex situations

Louis Labbez has acquired the expertise to protect sensitive points, securise meetings, control crowds and securise personalities. His experience of various types of organizations and games of powers, combined with his knowledge of the management of men, qualifies him as a Council in complex situations, including in international fields.