Management for security in hospitality industry

The Mediterranean Hotels and Restaurants Association helds its first forum on november 2015 in Barcelona, during the

The issue we were concerned about was

Safety and Security in hospitality industry

Louis Labbez anounced

the hoteliers are working to promote a normalisation for security mesures.

The goal is to reassure customers (tourists and business travellers) on their security.

The preconised standard is a set of three types of criteria (technical resources, human resources and organizational/procedural resources) to satisfy four security objectives (protect, monitor, manage and intervene).

These criteria are classified into these areas:

1. Perimeter of the hotel and outside access

2. Exterior and interior car parks

3. Reception lobby

4. Lounges and other interior spaces accessible to the public

5. Room corridors

6. Rooms

7. Central resources (video surveillance, power, etc.)

Some of these criteria form the basis of certification by their binding nature. In addition, there are optional criteria that make it possible to allow for the great diversity of hotel infrastructure and the threat level for the region in which the hotel is located.

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